Victorian Bathroom Colours

Victorian Bathroom Fitters based in Edinburgh

The Victorian era, spanning from the mid-19th to early 20th century, was a time of opulence, elegance, and intricate design.

Victorian architecture and interior design have left a lasting impression, and their influence can still be felt in contemporary homes across Edinburgh. When it comes to Victorian bathroom colours, a distinct palette emerges, reflecting the sophistication and grace of the era. Let’s explore the timeless and captivating colours that can bring the essence of Victorian style to your bathroom.

Rich Jewel Tones

Victorian bathrooms often featured rich jewel tones, which added depth and drama to the space. Colors like deep emerald green, royal blue, ruby red, and amethyst purple were popular choices for walls, tiles, and accents. These luxurious hues created an aura of grandeur and nobility, making the bathroom feel like a regal retreat.

Elegant Neutrals

In contrast to the bold jewel tones, Victorian bathrooms also embraced elegant neutrals. Creams, beiges, soft greys, and warm taupe were commonly used as base colours for tiled walls and tiled floorings. These neutral tones provided a subtle backdrop for the more striking elements in the room, such as decorative tiles and ornate fixtures.

Sophisticated Pastels

Soft pastel colours were another hallmark of Victorian bathroom design. Pale pink, baby blue, mint green, and lavender were popular choices, especially for ceramic tiles. These delicate hues added a touch of femininity and charm to the space, creating a soothing and tranquil environment.

Gold and Brass Accents

To complement the chosen colour scheme, Victorian bathrooms often featured opulent metallic accents in gold and brass. These finishes adorned faucets, fixtures, towel bars, and mirrors, elevating the overall luxuriousness of the bathroom. Gold and brass details were a symbol of wealth and prosperity during the Victorian era, and they continue to exude elegance and sophistication in modern interpretations of the style.

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiles were an integral part of Victorian bathroom design. Intricate patterns and designs were created using small ceramic or porcelain tiles in various colours. These mosaic tiles adorned walls and floors adding visual interest, texture, and a touch of artistry to the bathroom.

White Sanitaryware

While colours played a significant role in Victorian bathrooms, the sanitaryware, including bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, were usually white. The pristine white fixtures contrasted beautifully with the colourful walls and tiles, creating a harmonious balance between opulence and cleanliness.

Floral Wallpaper

Victorian bathrooms often featured floral wallpapers with intricate patterns and designs. Delicate flowers, vines, and botanical motifs adorned the walls, contributing to the overall romantic and nostalgic atmosphere.

Victorian bathroom colours are a harmonious blend of rich jewel tones, elegant neutrals, sophisticated pastels, and opulent metallic accents. This diverse palette, coupled with intricate mosaic tiles and floral wallpapers, creates a timeless and captivating space that exudes grace and elegance. Whether you are renovating an old Victorian-era bathroom or seeking to bring Victorian charm to a modern bathroom, incorporating these classic colours and design elements will transport you to a bygone era of opulence and refinement. At Edwards & Greaves, we are specialists in the design and of Victorian style bathrooms for homes across Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland.

From the beautiful designs, fittings and finishings to the incredible ceramic tiles and geometric, mosaic tiles, we provide the complete Victorian Bathroom design and installation for customers that want that authentic Victorian look and feel to go with their period home and interior design tastes.

Using traditional skills combined with modern methods, we can provide bathroom design and fitting service for a broad range of projects for clients looking for skilled craftsman who can work on complex projects efficiently with as minimal disruption to our clients day to day lives as possible.

Embrace the charm of the Victorian era and infuse your bathroom with a touch of regal allure and timeless beauty.