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Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

The sheer beauty which influenced traditional bathrooms still radiate to this day. If you’ve ever settled down on the couch to watch a period drama, chances are there was a bathroom scene involved which included such glorious items as freestanding baths and high-level toilets, ceramic wall tiles and Geometric Floors. The great thing about this charming style however is the fact that you can quite easily replicate the look in your own home. In the beautiful City of Edinburgh, with its Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes, is the perfect place to reinstate the beauty of the area in your home.

Our guide will explain exactly what traditional suites include, and whether or not their specific styling will be the right choice for your bathroom.

What Options Are Available

Traditional suites come in numerous options, allowing you to effectively create the exact look you’re after. Many of the designs feature ornate, sculpted lines and elegant touches. Beginning with the toilet, you have plenty of styles to pick from. While most 4- or 3-piece suites will come with a classic close coupled toilet, there are options for medium and high-level toilets with some suites for a more striking and beautiful effect. Many toilets come with wooden seats to complete the look.

With regards to basins, the majority of 4-piece suites will come with a pedestal basin, which will be styled in a way which complements the supplied toilet. There is also traditional wall hung basins available as part of a suite, which is a particularly good choice for smaller settings due to their compact nature. Finally, some suites come with console basins which feature a much more ornate appearance and are often supported by a set of chrome legs which will match the legs on the bathtub as well as the taps for a co-ordinated feel. For the ultimate authentic period look, a console basin combined with a high-level toilet and a freestanding bathtub will leave you with a bathroom that’ll impress all who see it.

5-piece suits give you the addition of a bathtub. In a traditional environment this will provide you with a beautiful centrepiece. The classic styling situated on these baths will really bring the whole aesthetic together, giving the room a truly Victorian feel. They will usually come with ball and claw feet, which do a great job of capturing the image of period eras. It is especially important however with traditional fittings to take some precise measurements of the bathroom before buying anything as console basins and vintage baths can be quite bulky and will completely dominate small rooms. Make sure you’ll have sufficient space available before making any decisions.

Whether your property is, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian, period style bathrooms are incredibly popular, not least due to their timeless design, which never goes out of fashion.

Here at Edward & Greaves we can design a great range of period style bathroom suits.  With this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need know about planning a traditional bathroom.

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Planning a Period Style Bathroom

What are period bathrooms?

Measuring your space.

What do you need?

The roll top Tub

Choosing a suite that suits your needs

Turning to Taps

Timeless tiles, walls and floors

Traditional Heating options

Finishing touches

Vintage Colour Schemes

Traditional Bathroom ideas