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At Edward & Greaves, we are proud to be your trusted partners in transforming your bathroom into a timeless Victorian masterpiece.

With our dedicated and skilled craftsmen and a passion for recreating the elegance of the Victorian era, we bring a touch of history and luxury to your home. Our Victorian bathroom fitting services in Stirling are designed to capture the essence of this iconic era and provide you with a bathroom that’s both functional and stunning.

Our Services

Victorian Bathroom Design

We work closely with you to create a bespoke Victorian-inspired bathroom design tailored to your preferences and space. We pay attention to every detail, from colour schemes to fixtures, ensuring a perfect balance between authenticity and modern convenience.

Bespoke Victorian Bathroom Installation

Our skilled craftsmen have extensive experience in installing Victorian bathroom features, including clawfoot bathtubs, pedestal sinks, ornate taps, and intricate tile work. We source high-quality materials and products to ensure longevity and authenticity.

Victorian Bathroom Restoration

If you have a historic bathroom that needs restoration or preservation, we specialise in bringing these timeless spaces back to life while preserving their original charm. We meticulously restore Victorian fixtures and tiles to their former glory.

Complete Project Management

We handle every aspect of your bathroom renovation project, from design and sourcing materials to construction and installation. We keep you informed at every step, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and all our installations come with a guarantee. Our team is dedicated to delivering a Victorian bathroom that meets your highest expectations.

Why Choose Edward & Greaves?

We specialise in Victorian bathroom design and installation, ensuring that your bathroom is historically accurate and stunningly beautiful. Our experienced team of artisans and craftsmen are passionate about their work and pay attention to every detail. We work closely with you to understand your vision and requirements, ensuring that your bathroom is a reflection of your style and taste.

We use high-quality, authentic materials and products to achieve the look and feel of a true Victorian bathroom. We have a deep appreciation for the local architecture and history of Stirling and work tirelessly to ensure that your bathroom fits seamlessly with the surroundings of your home.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our work, making Victorian elegance accessible to everyone.

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Transform your bathroom into a Victorian masterpiece with Edward & Greaves. Let us bring the charm of the Victorian era into your home. Edward & Greaves is your go-to Victorian bathroom fitter in Stirling. Contact us today to discuss your Victorian bathroom dreams and how we can make them a reality.