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How To Prepare For Your Bathroom Installation

When removal of your previous bathroom suit is on the horizon: including, shower, sink, shower, bath, wall and floor tiles, plaster board, plumbing and electrics, all due to take place, you may well be wondering exactly what you need to do before the big day arrives. Having spent weeks or even months envisaging your beautiful new space, you’ll no doubt be nervous to make sure your bathroom installation goes smoothly.

At Edward & Greaves Victorian Bathrooms we appreciate that the process can be rather daunting. To help put your mind at rest and leave you looking forward to your exciting bathroom installation, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to prepare. Our service may differ slightly from that of your chosen retailer and the steps involved in your installation will depend on your unique project, however the process should remain the same.

Clear The Room

You will need to clear your belongings from the Bathroom and any adjoining walls, as during an installation, the work can cause vibrations, for this reason, we recommend removing artwork and mirrors from your walls. This will give the room to work and ensure your things are protected, preventing them from getting dusty or damaged. If you are keeping your existing floor covering, you may want to check with us so we will provide floor protection. While we always do our best to minimise dust, not all fitters are as diligent. Furthermore, it’s worth bearing in mind that some dust is inevitable and can settle even after the process is finished. You may wish to use dust sheets to protect soft furnishings.

As well as making sure the room itself is clear we will also need to access your stopcock or boiler, so you might want to check they are easily accessible.

Make Sure Anything You’re Supplying Is Delivered

If you are supplying any of your own items, it is important to ensure they arrive prior to installation so as not to hold up our work. You will need to check your deliveries thoroughly upon arrival to make sure the products are correct and not damaged. If you are keeping any items from your existing bathroom, you will need to find somewhere safe to store them, ready for us to begin work. Unfortunately, last-minute delays will incur a charge.


If you are renovating your only bathroom, you may need to arrange access to alternative facilities throughout the duration of the installation process. While it is possible to temporarily connect the toilet at the end of each day, bathing, showering and sink facilities will remain out of action.


Bathroom installations can involve loud noises and vibrations, which some pets may find stressful. There is also a risk that doors may be left open. You may want to take this into consideration when preparing for your bathroom installation.


During an installation, you may have multiple vehicles coming and going from your home each day. If there are parking restrictions where you live, you will need to let us know. If parking permits are required, we would recommend organising them in advance to ensure they’re available on the day. You can check how many you will need with us. You may also want to inform your neighbours and notify them of potential noise disruption.

Do You Need To Be Home For Your Bathroom Installation?

At Edward & Greaves we often get asked whether you need to be at home during your bathroom installation; our answer is no. Most of the time, you should be able to continue with your life as normal. However, on some days we would recommend making yourself, or a trusted person who is aware of the details of your project, available.

Day One

The first day of your installation is a good opportunity to meet the team that will be fitting your bathroom and hand over the keys. This is the ideal time to notify your fitters of any items you are keeping, where they should be stored and address any other questions or requests you may have.

Days Involving Templating & Fitting Solid Surfaces

Granite, quartz or marble worktops and bespoke shower enclosures will all require templating and fitting separately to the rest of your bathroom installation. This is because they must be specially cut to the dimensions of your design.
We recommend being available on these days so that you can be sure the design is measured and fitted to your exact requirements as this is not something that can be altered afterwards.

The Last Day

You should be available to sign off your project on the final day. While we will discuss the project and raise any issues or concerns as they arise, the last day is a good opportunity to run through the completed work with you to ensure you are happy with the quality of the fit.
During your installation, it can be a good idea to leave a spare key in an agreed place, as there may be times when you are not at home and we may need to need to leave for a short time to pick up materials.