Victorian Ceramic Wall Tiling

Victorian Bathroom Fitters based in Edinburgh

The Victorian era saw developments of colour pigmentation for textiles, wallpapers, paints and dyes.

Incorporated into the popular palette of the time, these new colours included bottle greens, gold, burgundy, crimson and intense blues. These strong colours were used in the ‘best’ rooms of Victorian houses and we’re proud to host an impressive collection of tiles authentic to the Victorian period.

Tiles are the natural choice for bathrooms, practical for both walls and floors whilst providing the perfect opportunity to add character. Choose stylish contemporary tiles or classic field or brick tiles and mouldings.

Glazed ceramic wall tiles are hand made using traditional techniques. Potteries use original machinery, glaze recipes, tube-line hand decoration, painting and screen printing, to faithfully reproduce period quality tiles.

The glazes are rich and translucent, with slight variations in shade and crazing a characteristic of the tiles.
Main ranges of tiles in Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles.

Plain coloured tiles are 152 x 152mm and can be cut to any size and shape. The fittings and decorated tiles can be produced in any combination of colours.

Dado & Skirting Tiles:
These dado and skirting tiles provide a structure to the tiling in terms of a top and bottom part. The skirting sits on the floor, with plain or decorative tiles making their way up the wall and dado sitting on the top and acting as the join between the tiles and the wallpaper or painted surface.

Hand Crafted Interior Wall Tiles:
These come in a variety of colours, textures and finishes to suit all requirements. The edges of these tiles is not completely straight, therefore giving a rustic hand crafted appearance.
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Interior Ceramic Wall Tiles:
Our stunning range of ceramic wall tiles echo the style, grace and skills of the Victorian Era. These beautifully detailed, classic pieces perfectly capture the spirit and elegance of the original designs.

Edward & Greaves are increasingly using the skills of the past to install ceramics for the future. Our craftmanship allows us to offer a completely customised design service, using hand-made and hand-crafted specialist ceramics of unrivalled quality, design, and style.
Our unique design methods can be employed to achieve an infinite variety of designs and effects where the only limitation is the designer’s imagination. Whether the design is 3-dimensional acoustic tiles, or contemporary art-inspired wall tile panels, our skilled team of artisans relish the challenge of any such project.

We supply a wide variety of traditional Victorian wall tiles: from patterned tiles to hand painted tiles with a variety of subject matter such as dolphins to topiary. We also sell a wonderful range of crackle glazed tiles in many different colours and sizes. Our exterior wall tile collection is perfect for Victorian Bathrooms.